Friday, May 5, 2017

The "Head-Bop" Trick for Fickle Vowels!

"The Secret Stories are the life-blood of our classroom. They are always in view, always in our whole group and small group conversations. We couldn't read words without them. They are our best friends. They are the tools the students are taking with them to the next grade!"                                                                 — Tara Settle/1st Grade Teacher 
Kids who know the Secret Stories® are able to understand WHY the letters make the sounds that they do. For example, they know that the Superhero Vowels® have a power that no other letter in the alphabet has—they can "SAY THEIR NAMES!" (like "i" in hike or "a" in hate) But when they don't want to be recognized, they will hide in their "short and lazy" sound disguises (like "i" in hit or "a" in hat).  

Secret Stories Superhero Vowel® I 
(and his "short & lazy" sound disguise!)  
They also know the secret "triggers" that determine whether a vowel will most likely be long or short in a word, which are the close presence of  Mommy E® or the Babysitter Vowels®.  (To see how, click here or on the clip below from the Secret Stories® YouTube Channel)

But what about words where vowels just aren't making the sounds that they should? 
Well thanks to Tara Settle and her brilliant "head-bop" trick, we can become even better Word Doctors AND clear out some of the most frequent "sight word" offenders that clog up your Word Jail! 

So here is a brand new word doctor strategy to share with your kiddos....

Sometimes vowels just can't make up their minds what to do— "Should I be long? Should I be short? "Uhhhhhhhhh....?" and BOP! (this is where you bop yourself on the forehead with the palm of your hand, as if to say, "duh?!") And that's the sound you will hear vowels make in these (and more!) otherwise non-decodable sight words: of, was, some, done, want, from, again, nothing, brother, another, etc...

So now our Word Jail is transformed from this....

to this....
(Special thanks to Cathy Delaney for sending me this great pic of her Word Jail and Wardens!) 

So to Tara Settle, you and your kiddos are AWESOME word doctors to have identified this pattern that occurs in so many high frequency (non-decodable) sight words— which is that the vowel sound shifting to a schwa (or short u "uhhhh") sound—  Brilliant!

Good word doctors are prone to  "out-of-the-box" thinking, but in order to think outside the box, you have to first know what's IN it! And that's Secret Stories® do— equip learners with everything that's IN the box when it comes to the letters and all of the crazy sounds they can make so that they can easily think outside it when working their way through text.   (For more on how to get kids to think outside the box when working with unfamiliar text, click here or on the Youtube clip, below.)  

Luckily for us, Tara Settle's first graders (Settle On In) and her wonderful word doctor team could easily think "outside the box" because they knew what was in it, and while doing so, they developed this cutting-edge, diagnostic tool that all Word Doctors can now keep under their belts. It's technical name is the "Head-Bop," so named because prompting learners to use it is as easy as a "bop on the head," as   Mrs. Settle's word doctors can be seen demonstrating, below. 

For more Word Doctor tricks, click here!

Summertime is almost here!

Did you know that the summer is jam-packed with some of the most awesome teacher conferences?  It's true! And one of the best one of all is the International Literacy Association Conference in Orlando on July 15-17! 

For those who have never been, it's an incredible experience.  And for those who have, well you know how hard it can sometimes be to squeeze into the sessions that you reeeeeeallllly want to see— even just to sit on the floor, which teachers are usually more than happy to do! 

Unfortunately, those pesky fire marshals don't like floor-sitters too much, and will often ask them to leave, which is why I personally prefer to take cover underneath a nearby table cloth (and out of fire marshal view) if it's a session that I really want to hear and it's full.  Otherwise, I'll just hang outside of the session room door and strain to listen, which is a lot less fun! 

But for those planning to attend my session at ILA, I have great news! It's going to be in a BIG session room!!!  So, unlike last year, it's highly unlikely that you'll have to resort to hiding under a table cloth to get in!  If you would like session details or information on registering, click here.

Another great one is the National Charter School Conference on June 11-14 in  Washington, D.C., but don't let the name fool you, as this conference is great for ALL educators, not just those who work with charter schools. It's a big as ILA, but includes all subject areas, not just reading. And the best part (for me, anyway) is that my sessions are two and a half hours long instead of one...and there is a repeat for those unable to get into the first one, which means that once again, the chances of having your view obstructed by a table cloth is minimal! For more information on this conference, you can click here.

And while this one isn't a national conference, I want to mention it for all of my PK-2 teaching friends out there in South Dakota, as I'll be in Beresford for the South Dakota Kindergarten Academy June 19-22 for two 2-day workshops! (The first 2-day session is already full and the other is almost capped, so register now if you want to go!) You can obtain more information here, including how to get college credit for attending through the University of South Dakota.

And for those who just can't get away this summer, no worries! The National Title I Association brings the speakers to you with their Video On Demand series! There are so many amazing sessions, most all of which are FREE to watch!
You can view the highlights from my featured presentation at this year's 2017 National Title I here, or by clicking directly on the video, below.  The full-length presentation is available as part of Title I's subscription series, but you can view it free in its entirety here, along withlots of other video clips from conferences, school and district PD Workshopsvideo blogs and more on the Secret Stories® Youtube Channel.

That's all for now! 
So until next time... HAPPY "ALMOST" SUMMER!
Katie :-)

PS View the original "Head-Bop" post on the Secret Stories® Facebook and join the conversation!

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