Tuesday, May 19, 2015

"i" tries "e" on for Size!

SECRET STORIES®-  I tries E on for Size!

If you blinked, you missed it!

I'm talking about the Facebook Challenge that began with...
"Name all of the "secret" ways to get the long-a sound!"
This is a common challenge for early grade writers, as can be seen here in a video clip of kinders brainstorming different ways to make the 'long-a' sound to spell the word playground.)

The second part of the challenge was more difficult-
"Name all the "secret" ways to get the short-e sound!

The answers to both are below.


SECRETS™ that make the 'long-a' sound:

(*Click each of the SECRETS™below for story explanations)

1. When 2 vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking... and it always says its name!

What about exceptions? 
It's important to remember (for those who aren't as familiar with ALL of the  SECRET STORIES®, that it's only the vowel pairs shown on the poster (see below) that follow this 'rule,' as there are "secrets" to explain all of the other vowel pairs, like: au, ou, ie, eu, oi, oo, etc... and the sounds they make. (Just as with words like: medium, serious, immediate, etc... in which "is trying e on for size!")

And when an exception exists for which there is no "secret" to explain it, there will be a "default" sound-option embedded into the story and graphic to depict the lesser likely alternative. (Note the default sound for ea in the upper right corner of pic below, showing e in her 'short & lazy' disguise ("little old lady who can't hear") and saying "ehhhhh?" (i.e. the short e sound) as in: bread, head, dead, etc...  By incorporating these 'less-likely' sound-options, or "defaults" into each story and graphic, students are better able to determine the "most likely" and "next most likely" sound alternatives when working with unfamiliar text!  

SECRET STORIES® "2 vowels go a walkin" (shown at top)
(rain, chain, plain) 
SECRET STORIES® Common Core Essential Questions

2. Mommy e™/ Babysitter Vowels™

She tells any vowel that's one letter away, "You Say Your Name!"
(and then she covers her mouth and doesn't say another word!)
(make, late, bakery)
SECRETS of the Superhero Vowels Pack or  SECRET STORIES® Fun & Funky Class Set

And Mommy e™ can also be seen telling a to "say his name" in the Common Core poster, below.

SECRET STORIES® Common Core Essential Questions

3. ey & ay

They are just too cool, so they always stick up their thumbs and say-
(today, Sunday, they)


SECRETS™ that make the "long-e" sound:

                     (*Click each of the SECRETS™below for story explanations and/or more)

1. When 2 vowels go a-walking, the first one does the talking....  (shown above)

2.  Sneaky Y™   

He snuck into the closets of Superhero-e & Superhero-i and took their superhero capes,
so now when he's at the END of word (where he thinks no one can see him!) 
he'll always be wearing one of their superhero capes so he can make THEIR superhero sounds!
(by, July, mommydaddy)
SECRETS of the Superhero Vowels Pack or  SECRET STORIES® Fun & Funky Class Set 

3.  Mommy e™/ Babysitter Vowels™    (shown above)

4.  'i' tries 'e' on for size!

"i" tries "e" on for Size!
Superhero-i was walking along when he noticed Superhero-e's cape on the ground
and he couldn't resist trying it on to see how it would feel to make e's sound!
(medium, immediate, serious, etc...)
CONGRATULATIONS to Gina and Laura Jo for getting Challenge #2, 
and a special thank you to everyone else for such awesome answers! 


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Test your "SECRET" Knowledge!

The SECRET STORIES® Facebook Page
This weekend, I posted an adorable picture on Facebook that I'd found on Pinterest of adorable kids from Megan Felty's class, dressed as a and i, as two vowels going a walking. I posted the picture along with a "challenge" for readers to "Name all of the other "secret" ways to get the long a sound!"

Well that question was way too easy, as multiple posters instantly answered it.  

So, I posted a harder one, "Name all the "secret" ways to get the long e sound?"

And as of today, Sunday at 5:30 pm EST, there is still ONE "secret" way that no one has gotten.... despite some really great attempts and "secret-stretching!" 

That's why I wanted to post this tonight, just in case any blog followers might know (or have their SECRET STORIES® book at home to 'thumb-through' and find it!

The first one to figure out and post the missing SECRET™for the long e sound gets a special "secret" surprise! Please post your answer below AND on the actual Facebook Post so that I don't miss it. 

If no one gets it, then I'll post the answer on Monday!


I actually thought of a perfect hint for it too,
but my husband said it's "too appropriate" to post.