Monday, February 23, 2015

SECRET STORIES® Alphabet Mini-Mats!

Download the SECRET STORIES Alphabet Mini-Mats FREE!
These "mini-mats" are the perfect companion to the SECRET STORIES Alphabet Anchor  and are available FREE for a limited time, so grab it now!

The SECRET STORIES Alphabet "mini-mats" provide for ideal, individualized student reference of the individual letters and sounds, as well as for rapid skill manipulation with the SECRET STORIES musical brainteasers: the The Better Alphabet Song and the brain-teasing Letter Runs(each of which are designed to mimic the decoding/reading and encoding/writing processes) for increased learner skill-automaticity!)
Warmest Regards,

I hope you enjoy using this awesome "SECRET" resource with your students!


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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Crazy Conference Time!

Just in case you hadn't heard...

I will be at the Colorado Reading Conference (CCIRA) in Denver this Friday, and for those who had wanted and/or were planning to attend, but were unable to get seats for either of my two, originally-scheduled sessions, an additional THIRD session has now been added!

Click to go to the Colorado State Reading Conference website
I was thrilled that CCIRA was able to add this third session offering to accommodate those who were unable to get into the other two! 

Like the other two (already full) sessions, the third session is also on Friday, Feb. 6th, and will be from 11:45-12:45. Registration for this new session will be 'on-site' only, as online registration is now closed. (See additional session information below)

I hope all those who'd contacted me about not being able to get into the first two sessions will now be able to join us for this one :)
Click to go to the National Title I Conference website
And for those who will be attending the National Title I Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah also scheduled for this week....

I'll be there on Thursday (session details below) so be sure and send me a message if your going and would like to meet up on Thursday evening for a drink, as I'll be running off right after my session Thursday so as to get to Colorado ;)

And for all those not planning on going to the National Title I or Colorado Conference, I would invite you to check out the other conferences and school district sites at which I'm scheduled to speak here!  My schedule is updated regularly, so be sure to check back often, and feel free to contact me directly with questions about specific venues! 

You can also watch this short clip from a previous presentation at the National Title I Conference (this year's presentation will be posted uploaded soon!) for a preview, below!

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest-of-the-school-week!

Warmest Regards,