Saturday, January 24, 2015

Free SECRET STORIES® Shape Anchors!

Currently in the Free Download Window....
The SECRET STORIES Shape Anchor Poster Set!
SECRET STORIES Shape Anchor Poster Set... currently in the Free Download Window!
Three different poster versions are included.

One with alternating "pink and green" backgrounds....

And two additional options with 'frames-only' for easier printing, as shown below.
Neutral Version
Vivid Version
Plus, get this handful of SECRET STORIES anchors to start sharing with your class!
The Free SECRET STORIES Mini-Pack!


Grab these fast, as this Free Download Window won't last long!

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  1. Katie,
    I am so inspired by your Secret Stories! I have always prayed that my lessons are effective, efficient and irresistible. Secret Stories has been such an answer to prayer!

    I now have parents coming in to learn these strategies so that they can support their kiddos at home. They have emailed me telling me that they cannot believe the progress that their children are making.

    Children that could not even identify all the letters 2 months ago are now reading words like "tadpole" and "little" in isolation.

    Before I started using your "Better Alphabet Song" they were reading books that gave them so much repetition and lots of picture clues. They were not reading....they were memorizing!

    Now they are READING!
    I have tears in my eyes just thinking about this miracle.

    I sent your link to our (now retired) district reading coach. She immediately ordered the "Home School" version for her twin kindergarten grandsons. Someday I would love to help you coach/train teachers on the West side if you're interested.

    I live in Washington State. Teachers are so inundated with different resources that your program is getting overlooked or missed entirely. I will continue to tell everyone I know about this effective, efficient and irresistible program.

    God bless you Katie!

  2. I'm a reading specialist and one of our early grade teachers began using the Secret Stories with her class. Within just a couple of weeks of her starting to share them, a gap began developing between the students in her class (who knew the secrets) and those in the other classes (who didn't).

    After a month, I actually had carve out a separate time for her students, as they were leaps and bounds ahead of the other classes and showing no signs of slowing down the pace- they were just so excited and motivated!

    I've never seen anything work so well, and with every learner-level! Our school now has the Secret Stories in all of our primary grade classrooms, which certainly makes my job much easier!

    I'm now pushing for funding to purchase them for our third through fifth grade classrooms, as so many students at those grade levels still have not acquired many of the Secret Stories skills that our little ones ate-up instantly!

    I am hoping to go to the Title I Conference in Salt Lake City next month, as I would love to go to your workshop and meet you in person!